Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hamas in China

Die Hamas ist in China eingeladen:

The new Palestinian foreign minister from Hamas said Tuesday he has been invited to China next month for what would be his first trip to a non-Arab country since the Islamic militant group took office.

Many countries have said they would shun the new Hamas government, sworn in last week, because the group refuses to recognize Israel and renounce violence.

However, Foreign Minister Mahmoud Zahar has received invitations from several Arab countries, including Egypt, which he plans to visit next week. Zahar announced the trip to China after meeting with the Chinese representative to the Palestinians, Yang Wei Guo.

Yang was the first foreign diplomat to meet with Zahar since the government was sworn in.

Zahar said the trip to China would precede an international conference he is attending in east Asia at the end of May.

``The Chinese told us that they are ready to receive a Palestinian delegation at any time,'' he said, adding that ``we highly appreciate this visit, which we consider the first official visit by a foreign diplomat to the new Palestinian government.''


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