Monday, April 03, 2006

Frankreich trifft sich mit Hamas

Es war ja nicht anders zu erwarten. Nachdem Chirac bereits verhalten applaudierte, als man sich in Russland zum Kaffekränzchen mit der Hamas traf, sind die Verhandlungen nun auch in Frankreich eröffnet. Angeblich im Namen der Europäischen Union.

Reports surfaced on Monday that France is holding secret talks with Hamas. Israel Radio reported that the low-profile negotiations between the Palestinian movement and France were being held on behalf of the European Union.

The Radio added that Israel was concerned that other states, including China, India and Japan, will soon publicly recognize the Hamas-led government.

According to the radio, the European Union, Russia and India have already launched contacts with Hamas representatives.

A Hamas spokesman confirmed Monday that members of the Movement held talks two months ago with French officials and more recently with an Indian diplomat despite U.S. and Israeli attempts to isolate it.

"There is an understanding by France of the necessity for the European Union to reconsider its position regarding Hamas and they have promised to make an effort with other European countries in this regard," said Hamas spokesman Abu Zuhri.

"Meetings were held here (in Gaza) two months ago with French officials," Abu Zuhri said.


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