Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Zusammenarbeit zwischen Dubai und Teheran

Die Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate und der Iran möchten ihre Beziehungen intensivieren. Könnte es vielleicht daran liegen, dass man sich im Iran Zugriff auf amerikanische Häfen erhofft?

Senior officials of the Iranian government met with United Arab Emirates Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad ben Rashid al-Maktoum today in Dubai with both sides pledging to strengthen relations in all areas.

Iran is the center of the world's attention because of its efforts to develop and test nuclear weapons, while the UAE is the focus of a major controversy in the U.S. because of Dubai Ports World's efforts to control operations of U.S. ports.

The official Iranian Islamic Republic News Agency reports Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Mostafavi and the UAE's Sheikh Mohammad pledged to strengthen ties between the two Persian Gulf nations.

Mostafavi also invited Sheikh Mohammad for a state visit to Tehran. The meetings included a briefing on the Iranians positions on Iraq, Palestinian developments and the status of Iran-Russia talks on the nuclear controversy. A briefing was offered on the construction of the Bushehr nuclear power plant in Iran.


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