Friday, March 03, 2006

Suicide-Bombing leicht gemacht

Im Iran wird mobil gemacht. Wie Regime Change Iran berichtet, rief eine staatliche Zeitung dazu auf, mehr Registrierungszentren für Suicide Bomber einzurichten.

KAYHAN, the Fuehrer-Mullah Khamnei's mouthpiece newspaper, has called for an increase in the number of registrations centers for volunteers prepared to carry out suicide-bombing missions in western countries. The newspaper stressed that this is in keeping with the Khomeini doctrine and quoting a letter, allegedly written by a subscriber of the newspaper, wrote: "Every day we are confronted with more and more disasters befalling us innocent Moslems and God only knows that enduring such calamities is so hard that I feel like shriveling up and dying. Why don't the authorities increase the number of registration centers so that we can rise up against the whole world as Imam Khomeini would have wanted."

Diesem Aufruf folgen Taten. Im Internet kann sich bereits online dafür bewerben, sich unter den "Ungläubigen" in die Luft zu sprengen.

London, Mar. 01 – A state-organised group which avowedly trains suicide bombers against “Western infidels and Zionists” has launched a new website to recruit volunteers, Iran Focus has learnt.
The website has been set up by the Headquarters to Commemorate Martyrs of the Global Islamic Movement, an organisation set up by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps in 2004.
Those who join are given three choices: To carry out suicide attacks against “the infidels occupying Iraq”, against Israel, or against Salman Rushdie.
The organisation now claims to have enlisted 53,900 people to carry out “martyrdom-seeking operations”.
The website,, has an online application where candidates can sign up to become suicide volunteers and receive training to carry out attacks on the West.
Applicants are asked to fill out the boxes for their name, email, date of birth, city, mobile number, and their reason for wanting to become suicide volunteers. A note on the side of the form says that once the application has been filled out and sent online, a representative from the group will contact the volunteer to enrol him in one of the “lovers of martyrdom garrisons”.
Other features include a biography and photo gallery section of newly-subscribed suicide bombers.
Its Arabic section which will be aimed at recruiting foreign terrorists will soon be launched.
A recent article on the site says that the group recently recruited 1,900 new bombers.


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