Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Rabbis für Antisemitismus

Spirit of Entebbe berichtet über ein paar verrückte Rabbiner, die die iranische Regierung in ihrem Kampf gegen Israel unterstützen. Es ist doch immer wieder verwunderlich, wie gerne Antisemiten mit Juden zusammenarbeiten, die ihren Antisemitismus teilen.

In statements to Iranian radio, locals, anti-Zionist rabbis circulated their ideas against Israel. ‘We came to Teheran to clarify that Israel does not represent all Jews,' said one of visiting rabbis.
A delegation of rabbis from Neturei Karta , the anti-Zionist faction of the ultra-orthodox population, visited Iran last week in support of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad and his plans for the destruction of Israel. The faction, which is known for its hatred to Israel and to the Zionism ideology, stated in the Iranian radio that aspire to "a disintegration of the Israeli government", reported the Jerusalem Post.
The rabbis visited all over Iran and met with top government officials, with nuclear program officials, and with many students who heard their thoughts about Israel and the Zionist ideology. During their stay they also visited several synagogues and met with the small Jewish community still left in Iran. When asked to refer to the Iranian denial of the holocaust, the rabbis replied that they are not bothered by it, to say the least.


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