Monday, March 06, 2006

Partnerschaft zwischen Syrien und Hizbullah

Die Achse des Bösen macht Mobil: Regime Change Iran berichtet, dass Syriens Baath-Partei einen Übereinkommen mit der Hizbullah unterzeichnet wurde.

Hamid-Reza Tarraghi, a member of the central assembly of the Islamic Mowtalefeh party announced that an accord between his party, Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian Baath party had been signed. The goal is to create one front between the troikas of Islamic countries.

In an interview with the reporter from Islamic Republic of Iran News agency, Tarraghi said: "In order to create a unity between the people of the Islamic countries, we must find a mechanism that will create unity between all Islamic people. The mechanism that can help this cause is the cooperation and collusion between the various parties, coalitions and junta of the various Islamic countries, which will have Islamic principles in common. The blessing is that these coalitions already have an impressive influence on Islamic masses and can therefore encourage more of a unity. We signed this accord with the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Syrian Baath party in order to create the groundwork for better dealing with the greater political issues. We must set our sights on the issue of globalizing Islam."


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