Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Israelische Truppen stürmen palästinensisches Gefängnis

Neues vom Kampf gegen den Terror aus Israel:

Israeli troops have stormed into the Palestinian jail in Jericho in a bid to snatch a prisoner responsible for the assassination of an Israeli Minister five years ago.
After calling on guards to hand over prisoner Ahmed Saadat, the troops opened fire with small arms and stun grenades.
There are reports that one Palestinian has been killed and at least 18 prisoners and security officials have been wounded.
Saadat is the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
He is held responsible for ordering the assassination of Israeli Tourism Minister, Rehavam Zeevi, five years ago.
In recent weeks, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has signalled he may release Saadat.
But a Palestinian Authority spokesman, Jamal Nazzal, says rumours that Saadat was about to to be released were false.
"No he wasn't," he said.
"At no time has there been any decision taken by the Palestinian Authority to release Ahmed Saadat or anyone and there has been no change in the security measures."
Witnesses at the jail in Jericho say US and British monitors stationed there withdrew when Israeli troops arrived.
Israeli helicopters have since fired missiles into the prison.
In retaliation, Palestinian militants have set fire to the British Council office in Gaza.
Meanwhile, Hamas' leader-in-exile Khaled Meshaal has called on Palestinians to rally around the Jericho jail.
"We condemn this Israeli crime and hold Israel responsible for any consequences arising from this crime and warn them against harming Ahmed Saadat ... and all the prisoners in Jericho," he said.
"I call on our people in Jericho to throng around the Jericho prison."


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