Friday, March 17, 2006

Holiday in Jail

Operation "Pay a Visit" dürfte wohl notwendig gewesen sein. In erster Linie handelte es sich um eine Aktion gegen den palästinensischen Umgang mit antisemitischem Terroristenpack, das man dort zu hoffieren pflegt. In palästinensischen Knästen leben Terroristen nämlich wie im Hilton:

# Monitors complained that Saadat, Shobaki and the four other “special” prisoners were given the run of the compound by Palestinian guards
# They were not “locked down” at night
# They were never separated from the 300 other prisoners
# They had mobile phones and computers; Shobaki ordered the monitors’ phone jammers to be turned off
# They had up to 90 visitors a week and used other prisoners “as domestic staff”
# Saadat kept birds and had a big book collection
# Inmates and guards referred to Shobaki as “brigadier”. He smoked up to five Cuban cigars a day


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