Thursday, March 16, 2006


Saddam Hussein sitzt vor Gericht. Allerdings möchte er dies nicht so ganz wahr haben, weshalb er allmählich beginnt, unter der Illusion zu leiden, er sei nach wie vor als Diktator im Amt. In dieser Funktion schreibt er Propaganda-Reden, in denen er den Irakern Befehle erteilt. Das schöne daran ist, dass der Mann nichts anderes mehr ist, als eine Witzfigur.

Saddam and seven of his former aides, are charged over the killing of 148 Shia Muslims and the imprisonment and torture of others in the town of Dujail after an attempt on the dictator's life in 1982. Though he has made frequent interjections since the trial began in October, today's session was to be the first chance for the judge and prosecutors to question him directly.

Instead, Saddam read from a prepared statement to insist that he was still Iraq's elected president and to dismiss the trial as a "comedy". He addressed the "great Iraqi people" - a phrase he often used in his speeches in power - and urged them to stop the wave of Shia-Sunni violence that has rocked the country since the bombing of a revered Shia shrine in Samarra last month.

"What pains me most is what I heard recently about something that aims to harm our people," Saddam said. "My conscience tells me that the great people of Iraq have nothing to do with these acts," he said referring to the bombing of the Golden Mosque of Samarra.

Mr Abdel-Rahman interrupted, saying that he was not allowed to give political speeches in the court. "I am the head of state," Saddam replied. "You used to be a head of state. You are a defendant now," the judge retorted.

The judge repeatedly closed his microphone to prevent Saddam's words from being heard, and told him to address the case against him. But Saddam ignored him, continuing to read from his text.

"What happened in the last days is bad," he said, referring to the recent violence. "You will live in darkness and rivers of blood for no reason. The bloodshed that they (the Americans) have caused to the Iraqi people only made them more intent and strong to evict the foreigners from their land and liberate their country."

Losing his patience, Mr Abdel -Rahman screamed at him: "Respect yourself." Saddam shouted back: "You, respect yourself."

"You are being tried in a criminal case for killing innocent people, not because of your conflict with America," the judge said. "What about the innocent people who are dying in Baghdad? I am talking to the Iraqi people," Saddam replied.

Finally, Abdel-Rahman declared: "The court has decided to turn this into a secret and closed session."


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