Thursday, March 16, 2006

Die Al-Aqsa-Brigaden und ihre Mordrohungen

Abbas wird nicht nur hierzulande gerne als der gemäßigte unter den Palästinensern gefeiert. Seinen Zweifel am Holocaust und seine Behauptung, Gaskammern hätte es im Nationalsozialismus nie gegeben, hat man erstaunlich schnell vergessen. Auch dass ihm die Al-Aqsa Märtyrebrigaden unterstehen, lässt man gerne unter den Tisch fallen. Wie gemäßigt die Terrorbande unter Abbas ist, wurde heute erneut unter Beweis gestellt, als ihr Anführer damit drohte, Olmert und Katsav zu ermorden.

Abu Mujaheed, a leader of the Brigades in the West Bank town of Nablus, spoke after a nine-hour Israeli siege of a prison complex in Jericho ended earlier today in the surrender of five prisoners wanted for murdering Israel's tourism minister in 2001.

The Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades is the declared "military wing" of Palestinian authority President Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Party.

Mujaheed and other Al Aqsa terrorists are currently holding two British nationals hostage in response to the Israeli operation.

"We will do our best and will make every effort to reach the highest officers and politicians in Israel including Olmert, but [we are especially] interested in reaching the highest level in Israel, the symbol of the Israeli sovereignty. And I mean the president, Katsav," said Abu Mujaheed.


During the Israeli operation, members of the PFLP and other terror groups quickly kidnapped nine foreign nationals in the West Bank and Gaza Strip and threatened to murder their hostages if PFLP leader Saadat was killed. The U.N. and International Red Cross quickly evacuated their employees from the Palestinian territories. The Al Aqsa Brigades kidnapped the two British citizens in the West Bank.

Mujaheed earlier told WND he would kill his British hostages if Saadat was killed during today's Israeli operation.

Asked why his group would seek to punish British civilians reportedly uninvolved in the Jericho siege, Mujaheed replied, "They should be punished because it's obvious that the British and the Americans are part of this conspiracy that aims to kill Saadat. The British and the American inspectors in the Jericho prison had retired and withdrawn from their positions a few minutes before the arrival of the Israeli army, which proves that this is a conspiracy."


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