Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Afghanisches Parlarment: Rahman darf uns nicht entkommen!

Dass es sich rächt, wenn man mit Islamisten zusammenarbeitet um Islamisten zu bekämpfen, wird den Vereinigten Staaten gerade in Afghanistan demonstriert. Das dortige Parlament ist zum Beispiel eine Institution, die gemeinsam mit den islamistischen Demonstranten fordert: Tötet Abdul Rahman!

KABUL - Afghanistan�s parliament on Wednesday said that a Christian convert seeking asylum abroad because he faces the death penalty should not be allowed to �escape� the country.

The parliament agreed unamimously after a two-hour debate on the case of Abdul Rahman that a court decision to release him from trial for apostasy was �contrary to the laws in place in Afghanistan.�

�To prevent the escape of Rahman from Afghanistan, his leaving Afghanistan must be prohibited,� said a summary of the debate read out by speaker Yunus Qanooni and approved by MPs.

It was unclear if the parliament�s decision was legally binding and whether it would actually bar Rahman from leaving Afghanistan if he was offered asylum abroad.


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