Monday, February 27, 2006

Her wish was to be a martyr.

Die Mutter einer jungen Frau, die sich in die Luft sprengen wollte, jedoch von israelischen Sicherheitskräften davon abgehalten wurde, gab im palästinensichen Fernsehen folgendes zum Besten:

Interviewer: "How did you receive the news of Wafa's arrest?"

Wafa's mother: "When I received the news, it was hard for me. Hard."

Interviewer: "Excuse me, was the hardship in that she failed in the martyrdom-seeking operation and was arrested, or in the arrest itself?"

Wafa's mother: "The arrest itself. Her wish was martyrdom, Wafa, since she was a little girl."

Interviewer: "Meaning, you hoped she would be a martyr?"

Wafa's mother: "Her wish was to be a martyr."

Interviewer: "Did you encourage her?"

Wafa's mother: "To tell you the truth, I didn't encourage her. I talked to Wafa about the issue, about not agreeing to it because she is a girl. Were it a boy, I would have supported, but since she is a girl, I discouraged."

[PA TV, February 20, 2006]


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